Labour Day 2020 - CUPE 1393



Local 1393 of the Canadian Union of Public Employees represents just over 300 trades, technical, and professional staff of the University of Windsor, encompassing everything from plumbers and electricians to computing consultants and technicians running laboratories for research and discovery. Our members help to provide an educational experience to students outside the classroom, including overseas exchange, co-op placements, and academic support.
Because the Labour Day weekend coincides with the start of the academic year, it is a very busy time for CUPE 1393 members. We are more likely to be greeting international students arriving in Windsor from around the world, making last-minute upgrades to learning spaces, or welcoming new residents to campus than to join the annual parade.
Despite that, we are proud to be part of a progressive labour movement. As part of our initiation, every member pledges to work to improve the economic and social conditions as well as the democratic rights and liberties of all workers. It is a commitment we take seriously and we appreciate the privileges we have received from generations of struggle by those who came before.