Labour Day 2020 - CUPE 2974


CUPE 2974 came about on July 23rd, 1985 with the Essex County Library, Municipal and Social Services.

Since that time there has been massive structure change to the Local with the loss of Social Services however gaining EWSWA and EMS and the membership continues to expand.

In the spring of 2018 we added another sector of a retirement home so currently we have Libraries, Municipal, EMS and Retirement Home.

The Local continues to grow and have been at fore front in supporting our Brothers and Sisters in the Labour Movement on all issues effecting workers locally, provincially, nationally and globally.

Some of our Executive Officers have also been involved outside of the Local with CUPE Counsel, WDLC and various committees within CUPE and Government to fight to makes all lives better.

Labour Day has been a great interest to 2974 both in the Labour Community supporting the Library Workers Strike of 2016, and the local being present supporting such a great yearly event.

Labour Day is a time for all Labour and Families to come together to celebrate, and their respective locals to reflect our great movement and accomplishments of making better lives for ourselves, and our families, and communities, and country.

 Yours in Solidarity:

Ian Nash


CUPE Local 2974