Labour Day 2020 - ETFO

The Greater Essex ETFO Local represents approximately 1,500 teachers instructing 22,500 elementary students located at 63 sites across Essex County in southwestern Ontario. Our goals are to provide quick, professional growth through a climate of mutual respect, fairness, equal opportunity, collegiality, clarity of process, and democracy. When ETFO collectively bargains to address member working conditions, our efforts also directly improve student learning conditions, particularly with issues like class size and more supports for students with special needs. ETFO’s Building Better Schools education agenda, community outreach initiatives, and government advocacy continue to address the challenges that our members, students, and school communities face. ETFO is a catalyst for promoting dialogue and action on equity and social justice in classrooms, schools, and communities. Along with professional resources and training on human rights issues to assist members in building inclusive classrooms, ETFO publicly promotes social justice causes and supports coalitions and grassroots groups with similar aims. Its overseas programs advance education interests and the rights of all people, especially women and girls.