Labour Day 2020 - UNIFOR 240



Local 240 has been fortunate to be able to assist those in our community who have not been able to work due to COVID-19 based on most of our workplaces remaining open and a few of our employers have continued to pay the wages to members, while their business remained closed. During this time, we were pleasantly surprised at how some of our employers navigated through the pandemic, both with monetary stability and also safety of our members.

I was overwhelmed and grateful to the local 240 employers who stepped up immediately to ease our members minds. CAA immediately sent communication to our members that their jobs were safe and no matter what happened, they would continue to work and receive their full wages, benefits and commission before the government even mentioned a wage subsidy. They were able to move members work stations into our members’ homes very quickly. Motor City Community Credit Union recognized the importance of our members being essential, and gave pandemic pay to those members who worked throughout. At the time of this writing, they have continued to pay this premium.

Green Shield Canada had over 500 members to move into their homes and were able to do it in record time. They also provided assurance to our members in March that they would not lay anyone off and guaranteed until September. I am pleased to say it is looking like lay offs will be avoidable at this time. Hudson Bay paid our full time members 100% of their wages for 2 weeks and then continued paying 75% until they reopened. Windsor Women Working with Immigrant Women also provided the stability and was very innovative in delivering programs from home. Beach Grove Golf & Country Club provided money to bridge our members until their CERB benefits were received and also kept their medical benefits going.

It isn’t often labour leaders have the opportunity to express gratitude, but I think it is important that this labour day, we also acknowledge the employers who went above and beyond during this unprecedented time. During such time of uncertainty for many workers and businesses, Local 240 units have mostly remained opened, which allowed us to look outside in our communities to see how we can help. We donated $10,000 to Unemployed Help Centre, $5000.00 to Welcome Centre for Women, $2500.00 for Hiatus House and $3000.00 to the Windsor Youth Centre.

We are more than proud to continue to assist the wonderful communities that we work in. We also were able to feed 100 long term care workers in various facilities as a small token of our gratitude for their commitment to our loved ones. In 2020, Local 240 welcomed our newest members with their first collective agreement with Windsor Women Working with Immigrant Women. We are looking forward to representing and working along with this great community organization.