Labour Day 2020 - UNIFOR 195


On behalf of Unifor local 195 and the entire membership, we wish our labour movement and every worker a very happy labour day. Given the circumstances of this very serious pandemic and global challenge, this year, we remain optimistic, even though this year’s Labour day will not be the same. The cancellation of the traditional labour day march, this year, is very well understood by many local unions and their members. The health and safety of all our members and trying to lessen the spread of this virus is very important at this time. While there won’t be the traditional labour day parade, the first Monday of September, our members are getting creative and hosting a virtual celebration, that can be equally as effective with the available modern technology and social media.


The view of our local, as well as for many other locals is that the original intent of Labor Day was to provide a holiday that would honour the social and economic achievements of all workers. Essentially, it was intended to be an annual national tribute to the worker’s contributions to our community. Further, it is to recognize workers’ strength, for creating prosperity and demonstrating healthy well-being of our country and also pointing out areas where we need improvements. Labour day is an opportunity to give worker’s a voice to campaign for better working conditions, wages or challenges that they may have.


Many of us, in the leadership, understand that the working people are the key foundation to building any nation, from infrastructures such as railways, dams, roads, and bridges and manufacturing, farming, education, health care ext. While powerful people with money, use these workers to make more wealth and getting richer, it is often these wealthy corporations that get the credit for this prosperity, while it is the workers who turned these great visions into reality. Labour day brings many workers, different unions together to share their views and their challenges. It builds a sense of force and solidarity for common struggles and allows us to have a vision for what type of government we need. Labour day weekend is to take a few days off, celebrate and create a work/life balance.


To all of you, the workers of our city, take advantage of this day, celebrate with your family and have an enjoyable and fun day. Happy Labour Day

Unifor Local 195 Emile Nabbout President