Labour Day 2020 - UNIFOR 2458



Unifor Local 2458 represents approximately 5400 members in over 60 workplaces throughout a large geographical area from Windsor to Chatham to Lion’s Head. Our members work in health care, education, hospitality, skilled trades, and the private sector.

Despite the pandemic affecting our Local in profound ways, we continue to support our dedicated members and communities. To show our appreciation for our COVID-19 heroes, we posted billboards in Windsor, Tecumseh, Chatham and Walkerton. We continue to hold barbecues and provide food for our members throughout our Local. We provided coffee and snacks for the staff at the Windsor Regional Hospital field hospital at St. Clair College. We posted several supportive online videos.

In conjunction with local area hospitals and Unifor Local 444, we posted signs thanking our healthcare heroes. We also continue to fight for the pandemic pay for all healthcare workers. Labour Day allows us to not only promote the importance of Unions but to reflect on what organized labour provides to our members, our communities, and our country. The 8-hour work day, paid maternity leave, and not-for-profit healthcare are some examples of the incredible achievements made possible by the Canadian Labour movement.

Wishing all of you a Happy Labour Day 2020.  Please continue to stay safe.

In solidarity and friendship, Unifor Local 2458