Labour Day 2020 - UNIFOR 444


Our Canadian labour movement has a tough, bloody past. Strikers through the years have faced police, thugs, and bullets. Standing together for what they believed to be just earned them trips to jail, the hospital, and at times the cemetery... This is not a movement for the light-hearted; this is not a fight that can be fought alone!!

Our enemy has been the same throughout the century, and that is an UNBELIEF in our worth as workers !! Today we will honour all those men and women who against the threat of losing their job, jail or even life stood up together in Solidarity and said~"I AM WORTH MORE!!!"

Let Labour Day continue to be a reminder to all of us that our worth is more than shareholders, CEO's or the public thinks! We will rise up together in Solidarity and boldly say, ~ We are WORTH MORE!!!

In solidarity

Dave Cassidy President Unifor Local 444