Labour Day 2021 - OPSEU 138


OPSEU, Local 138 (Faculty) is a non-profit organization supporting its member’s rights and entitlements. Local 138 is one of 24 Provincial College Locals that comprise the CAAT-A group. CAAT-A stand for Colleges Applied Arts and Technology – Academic.

The Local’s members reside in both Windsor-Essex and Chatham-Kent.  While serving the community since onset of  COVID 19, the faculty at St. Clair College  have implemented both online and hybrid learning delivery models.   Although we feel that online learning  is not ideal for every situation, our collective focus and efforts have been on the students.  Like many other academic institutions, we’ve adapted to the new delivery models and worked to ensure that our community’s future leaders receive the best possible education and experience.

With the onset of the new academic year, and hopefully a return to normal, the post-secondary (college) education system is about to undergo one of the most formative rounds of bargaining since our collective agreement was first established. 

Our current contract expires September 30th and bargaining is well underway.   Local demands from the 24 Colleges have been collected and forwarded to our bargaining team.  After a first meeting with the College Employer Council in early July, CAAT-A bargaining has since resumed with the employer, and the team laid out the faculty members’ comprehensive list of ranked demands. Our issues focus on workload, staffing, equity and professionalism for all faculty.  One of the issues tied to equity includes the implementation of workload practices that honour the work associated with decolonization, Indigenization and reconciliation by Indigenous faculty. It’s through our current round of bargaining, that we hope to assist in securing an enhanced education system for generations to come.   

With all of the challenges that society has faced over the past year, including those tied to the Labour movement, we must continue to advocate for a better system.  A fair and equitable future for those who are yet to come, as our predecessors did before us.

Happy Labour Day everyone, from the Membership of OPSEU Local 138!