Labour Day 2021 - UNIFOR 195

Good Day and Greetings from Unifor Local 195. First off let me wish you all a Very Happy & Healthy  Labour Day 2021.

These are strange times we live aren’t they and I am sure we can all agree that the past year has been quite a challenge for all workers unionized or not. For the last 17 months or so The Covid 19 Pandemic has created hardships for many and continues to do so and has changed the way we do things and what we considered at one time to be normal is no longer the case.

Now I don’t want to dwell here on the negative aspects of the last twelve months, but rather the positive, the bargaining accomplishments and the progress we have made here on behalf of our Members here at Unifor Local 195 under some very difficult bargaining circumstances from the Company perspective, but also the computer technology and associated challenges associated with that we were forced to utilize to deliver our message, progress reports and ultimately their voice and vote in the process. Kudos to all Bargaining Committees for their knowledge, skill and perseverance to achieve incredible gains given the times for their Members.

As you all know Unifor Local 195 is an Amalgamated Local Union representing workers from 46 different workplaces in the Windsor Essex area with approximately at present 4800 Members. We are indeed in a unique position here in that we represent just about every sector of the economy from Manufacturing, Plastics, Pharmaceutical, Security, Automotive Retail, Janitorial, Hotel & Service Industries to name a few.

Now with that being said this has given us a real opportunity to experience firsthand how each of these industries have been impacted by Covid and the sometimes very unique and individual challenges they were faced with economically & otherwise over the last twelve months and longer really.

However in spite of the challenges and roadblocks Covid & the economy in general  presented we were able to achieve some amazing bargaining gains at Jamieson Laboratories, Flex N Gate Howard Ave., Central Stamping, Kautex Textron, KB Components, Lakeside Plastics and others as well.

As busy as we all were throughout our Members to their credit still found the time & energy to come out and support various Community Events like the Migrant Workers Mother & Father Day Meal  distribution to 2,000 Migrant Workers & their Families as well as Women’s Committee & Injured Workers  initiatives that took place over the last year.

  In addition there was of course one of our very own JD Norman Industries abrupt & unexpected closure in early February and even the frigid temperatures and winter conditions didn’t keep our Members away as everyone came together in heartwarming fashion to stand with those 60 Members until we were successfully able to achieve a fair and equitable Closure Agreement for those workers. Solidarity at its best right there!!

Our Members also came to the aid in a show of solidarity to assist the Workers at Reliance Home Comfort who were locked out by their greedy employer and as a result of that public & private pressure were successful in getting that employer back to the table to negotiate a fair collective agreement for those Local 1999 Members.

In closing, I wanted to take this opportunity to acknowledge and welcome our newest Members of The Local 195 Family. Centoco Plastics located at 2450 Central Ave. Windsor who recently organized with us and we are absolutely thrilled to have them on board and are at the time of this writing in the process of bargaining their first Collective Agreement. It is obvious there is discontent and inequities at Centoco Plastics and hence their call to unionize and have been for years and those workers have now looked to us for guidance and direction to achieve fair, equitable and much deserved recognition for their years of service and contribution to that employer. To that end we are committed to do all we can to deliver that for them.

On behalf of Unifor Local 195 Executive & Membership alike all the best in health & happiness to each and every one of you and indeed there are signs of Brighter Days Ahead for all of us here in the Windsor Essex Labour Community..

In Solidarity,

Emile Nabbout
Unifor Local 195